Saturday, 11 May 2013

Our first Boishakh

'Come on Come on Come O Baishakh 

Left mumursare give breath Taposh uraye Let the year of garbage ... 

This song is sung asubhake drive subhake invited baisakhe first. The first day of Boishakh Bengali February. Common around the world, talking to people, it's a special day. A sad day for all the dirt in the past, a happy, prosperous new year wish. I hope the year is, is happiness. I hope that tomorrow they are held to welcome the new genres. Can be regarded as the date for the public festival in the day. Bangladesh and India in the New Year with a special festival is celebrated. Bengalis living in Tripura took part in this festival. Eddine Bangladesh and West Bengal, are closed to all public and private institutions. The reason it's own festival. Festival of life. 

I - glanike your colorful day of the festival is to welcome the dawn. From the dawn of the reasons I own. It is not necessary to explain here is that some of the conventional kyale - child of the Hijrah, Christian and Bengali. These new date is February AH Evenings. AH February, depending on the calculation of the moon. English is the midnight of the year. Because, according to their calculations, the end of the day 4 hours barotaya. After a twelve day is a new beginning. The day begins with the sunrise. The first Baishakh or the new year begins with sunrise. 

I wake up in the morning Eddine. New clothes after relatives - can travel home sbajanera. Eddine houses in the village are clean, new, well arranged. Ñ ​​rich and poor, that good food is worth a try. Neighbor is feeding. In addition, some of the people in an open Boishakhi Mela organized. The thing is fair in the culture, the food is, pitha - puli. Contests are domestic game Ñ ha - Do - Do, wrestling, stick games, cow or pure buffalo fight, naukabaica. Girls easily sarite red and white fringe. Bengali song bad day. Dinabhara sky - the air is filled with joy. 

We live in a city or village does not know who he is! But other cities? Almost all of the balabahulya - Oscars, or the occurrence of the first Boishakh. But in Dhaka, Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts, first known Boishakh celebrations across the country. Baishakh is celebrated on the first day of the regions that happen. So today we celebrate the New Year in the most important of these three areas, I do know: Dhaka: Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, is the first of Baishakh Chayanot -'s music through. Combined with the Ramna batamule kanthe songs sung by the new year calls for sun. Chayanot both the historical and the Ramna batamula. 60 - during the Pakistani regime's repression and cultural terrorism since 1967 Chayanot at Ramna batamule barsabarana this event begins. Boishakhi Festival in a matter of striking a good rally. This rally abahamana the rural life is enhanced. All classes of people in this rally. Chittagong: Chittagong seaport is the first DC Boishakh festival in the park. Combined Cultural Alliance is organizing a two days program. Here are the types of fairs in the rural component. It was an event held at the Dhaka Boishakhi. Baishakh celebration was taken at the first town meeting in 1973, 1974 and 1975, the. The ceremony was at the foot of the mountain Ispahani. Since 1978, this festival is the DC Hill Park. In 1978 he was involved with the initiative of Wahidul, clarify Mitra, Mihir Nandi, Arun Das Gupta, Abul Momen, etc. Subhas Dey. At first, the two have combined for each organization would serve the music. Since 1980, organizations that serve gana separately. If you play in the group stage of the coordination council. There are other arrangements for their children in the festival's organization phulakira tinadinabyapi. It is, however, Boishakh, before the end of the first day of Baishakh. Hill District: Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh name three jatisbattara Tripura, marama and Chakma. Each year, through the first day of the festival. The festival's name tripuradera baisukha, maramadera sangrai name of the festival even Chakmas biju. This is a celebration of the jatisbattba barsabarana together. Which baisabi. A significant part of the festival is the festival baisabi water. Pohela Boishakh all of us sincerely swing by creating a new experience. The swing in the rest of the time we are in many ways ujjibita. Heated and the color. The color has been verified dolaya colorful life of all of us. I do not really have the collective. Happy New Year to all of life....


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